All Paws Paradise Day Care

Doggy Day Care: includes walks, playtime and supervised socialising in fully fenced areas.

 Our job is to keep your dog busy both mentally and physically through doggy day care, so while you are at work, you are not worrying about them. We are Dog Trainers, & Dog enthusiasts who are skilled in areas of body language and canine behavior to ensure your dog gets the most out of day care.

No more worries about barking dogs, separation anxiety or backyard boredom... Doggy day care helps alleviate all these and more..... Some of our current dogs attend day-care from 1 day per week to 5 days per week. It's your choice, your dog's day will be eventful, so that when you collect your dog, they are exhausted and ready for quiet time with you.

Your dog will enjoy walks, a choice of two large play areas, daily activities including general good manners, obstacle training, Swimming, Fun games ,treadmill, socialization, and meet other well behaved canine friends. When its rest time, your dog will be placed in our very roomy kennels to get their second wind in rediness for the afternoon play session. It's all up to you and what ever your budget allows

All you need to bring along is your dog's current C5 vaccination certificate.

All dogs receive individual attention throughout the day including cuddles and lots of TLC.

All Paws Paradise Day Care
Whole Day in Daycare
1 Whole Day (4+ hours)   $35

Pay for:1 Dog

1 Day                             $35

2 Days                          $65

3 Days                          $95   

4 Days                          $125      

5 Days                          $150      

Pay for: 2 Dogs

1 Day                           $65

2 Days                          $120

3 Days                          $165   

4 Days                          $200      

5 Days                          $245      

 Pay for: 3 Dogs

1 Day                           $90

2 Days                          $170

3 Days                          $240   

4 Days                          $300      

5 Days                          $375      

 In a week.
* Discounts only valid for week of purchase and must be purchased at start of the week. If unsure of attendance purchase casual day as there are NO refunds or rollovers to the following week.

Daycare Prices and Additional Service Prices

High Energy Dogs
This is a dog that requires more attention, mental and physical stimulation and one-on-one training

High Energy Daycare       $60

Additional Services

 30 Min walk                   $25

Swimming                      $25 for dogs that can swim in a pool.

 Initial Treadmill Training, $60

Treadmill Training/ Exercise currently provided as part of the daily price for dogs staying 3 days or more.
We also have Packages with one on one Playtimes & Swimming
For dogs staying 3 days or more

 Obedience Training                  $POA

Drop Off & Pick Up Between 7:00 am - 8:30    &   3:30 am – 5:30 am 
Day Care hours 7:00 am - 5:30 pm Monday _ Friday..

SPECIAL REQUESTS FOR EARLIER & LATER CHECK IN & OUT TIMES are possible with additional charges of $10 per half hour. 

Mental Stimulation

One of our favorite activities for mental stimulation is Nose Work Games we hide food or their favorite toy and get them to find it they can do this inside and outside.
Doing Bio Mechanics with them is another fun thing we do with making an obstacle course for them to get around.