Another Fantastic Aqua Dogs Jetty Jumping Challenge over, just look at the fun we had.

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                      UNFORTUNATELY THIS IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE             

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            Release your dog's Aqua Senses in a Friendly Family Atmosphere

Aqua Dogs Jetty Jumping is the Australian version of the USA & Canada's Dock Jumping
Here in Australia we have Dock Dogs and Ultimate Air Dogs and now we have our own Jetty Jumping Dogs. Situated on the Gold Coast at Pimpama we have our very own Jetty Jumping facility one of the best in Australia. We provide a fun friendly atmosphere for the entire family but also cater for the more competitive side of the sport too.

In this aquatic sport we have a long jetty which the dogs run down to the end and jump into the pool, the main aim is to jump as far as possible and the distance is measured the winner is decided on the longest jump. This is called Long Jump.

Then we have another event called Rapid Retrieve where the dog can start anywhere up to 20'  back on the jetty, there is a bumper placed at the end of the pool , the dog runs down the jetty jumps into the pool and swims to retrieve the bumper this section is timed and the fastest dog wins,

The next event is called Sky High the bumper is placed on a rig that takes it a few feet out from the jetty and is then set at a height, the dog is taken back to the 20' mark on the jetty and is sent to jump as high as it can to get the bumper the dog that jumps the highest is determined the winner..

We have a couple more events too Catch It & Fetch It which are a whole lot of fun

This is a fantastic Aqua sport for the water loving canine plus great fun for the whole family

We will hold three challenges per year, Our season starts in September and finishes in May.
Spring into Summer with a Christmas Themed name is our first challenge in November Our next Challenge is in February The " COWABUNGA"  and our last one for the season is "Mayhem In May" ...They have all
 been a huge success with forty odd entries and we have some excellent sponsors.
To get started in this sport you just need to book an assessment by emailing us for the information at